Why did you install the Canarm SowChoice Systems ESF?

Find out from Keith Sensenig of Memphis, Missouri.

Key Factors in Choosing the Canarm SowChoice Systems ESF

See why Keith Sensenig of Memphis, Missouri chose the Canarm SowChoice Systems ESFs.

Why Adam Schlegel Chose the Canarm SowChoice Systems ESF

Find out why Adam Schlegel chose the Canarm SowChoice Systems ESFs.

A Barn Manager's Perspective on Canarm SowChoice Systems ESF

Dave Thomas, Barn Manager at Schlegelhome Farms talks about his experiences working with Canarm SowChoice Systems ESFs.

Critical Farm Data Management

We increasingly depend on automated systems in our barns but we must ensure proper maintenance for success.

Busting Myths about Loose Sow Housing

Learn why loose housing may be the right choice for the welfare of your sows.

The Hottest Partner in Agriculture

By cultivating data, producers can access the benefits of collective wisdom.

Have You Ever Watched Grandma Bake an Apple Pie?

Constant attention to detail when feeding sows is critical. Canarm AgSystems Swine Products Manager discusses the importance of calibration and maintenance for your ESF.

Moving On Up

In most forms of Electronic Sow Feeders (ESFs) systems, we come down to two basic types of housing arrangements: Dynamic groups of sows, and Static Groups of sows.

5 Barn Rules to Manage Body Condition in Sows

Careful monitoring of body condition pays off in sows in better reproduction and healthier piglets. This article first appeared in Pig International.

Why Group Sow Housing

Evaluating loose sow housing options. Here are the four main options for hog producers looking to move to loose sow housing.

Gilt Training - Like Kids and Brussel Sprouts?

Here's how to prepare for training day moving your sows and gilts onto electronic sow feeders.

Ad Lib Sow Feeding Drives Almost Two Pig Per Litter Increase

A two-year trial by the University of Guelph showed a 1.7 pig per litter increase in subsequent litters for lactating sows using free choice feeders versus other lactating sow feeding methods.

ESF Feeds Sows With Precision

Canarm is working with the University of Guelph on practical precision sow feeding. See what we found during Phase 1 of the research.

Committed to Sows

Healthy and productive sows form the basis of efficient and profitable pork production systems.