Faromor Ltd. – Now A Canarm Company
Canarm Ltd. Acquires Faromor Ltd.
Faromor Ltd.- a leading manufacturer of natural ventilation systems based in Shakespeare, Ontario – is now a Canarm Company! The combined product lines and resources will strengthen Canarm AgSystems' position as a global leader in innovative ventilation solutions for all markets of the agricultural industry.
360 Showroom Tour
Experience our Arthur Showroom in 360˚
Take a 360˚ virtual tour of our recently renovated Arthur facility showroom and learn more about all of the quality products it showcases.
Help Your Horses Breathe-Right
Canarm AgSystems’ innovative Breathe-Right HRV provides ventilation for fresh air intake and stale air exhaust during the winter (without changing the inside temperature). It is ideal for horse stalls and smaller areas such as calf barns.
Reasons good lighting can help your herd performance
The importance of proper lighting in your dairy barn has long since been studied and proven. Over the years dozens of University and Industry studies have all came to very similar results – A Long Day Lighting Program (LDLP) is well worth the investment.
360 Calf Barn Tour
Take the 360° tour to experience superior calf comfort and see why Comfy Calf Suites are used in over 6000 barns worldwide.
Predictive Analytics
Using data analytics to improve profitability
Today’s poultry farmers are faced with the necessity of maintaining a profitable balance in managing their livestock facilities. This ongoing challenge, coupled with keeping up with new regulations and animal welfare concerns add to the complexity of managing a healthy and well-performing flock.
Dairy Lighting
Things to think about when choosing lighting for your new dairy barn
Whether you are building a new barn or looking to replace your current lighting system, every good farmer knows the importance of lighting on your herd’s performance. Choosing the fixture and quantity is usually left up to the electrician; however there are a few things to consider to ensure that your system meets your needs and lasts for years to come.
Have you ever watched Grandma bake an apple pie?
If you asked your barn managers or staff who Peter Drucker is, how many would be able to identify him as the father of modern business management? Possibly, you might know him from one of his most quoted statements, “If you cannot measure it you cannot improve it…”.