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Have you Considered a Long Day Lighting Program for your Farm?

All mammals use night and day periods to regulate how their body works. For humans, getting 6-8 hours of sleep each night is critical in keeping us productive each day. This circadian rhythm also exists in cows, so ensuring that they are exposed to optimum light cycles at a steady schedule is just as important.

6 Reasons Good Lighting Can Help Your Herd Performance

The importance of proper lighting in your dairy barn has long since been studied and proven. Over the years dozens of University and Industry studies have all came to very similar results - A Long Day Lighting Program (LDLP) is well worth the investment.

Things to Consider When Choosing Lighting for Your Dairy Barn

Whether you are building a new barn or looking to replace your current lighting system, every good farmer knows the importance of lighting on your herd’s performance.

Lighting Layout & Design Service

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