Help Your Horses Breathe-Right

Proper ventilation positively impacts environmental conditions for both your horses and workers.At its simplest, natural ventilation can be achieved through openings in the building in which fresh air can enter and stale, odiferous air can exit. Circulation and exhaust fans can be used to supplement natural ventilation to ensure optimal air quality.

Equine Ventilation Basics

The objective of Ventilation is simply to provide fresh air to the horse through the process of air exchange and air distribution. Both processes must occur to provide proper ventilation and maintain good air quality.

Mechanical Ventilation

This type of ventilation uses fans, inlets, controls and roof exhausters in a pressure-controlled environment. Mechanical ventilation may also be required when there are structures such as bleachers or posts that may impede natural air flow through the building.

Equine Water Needs

A horse’s body weight is made up of 50% water, so it’s not surprising that one of the most critical elements in the maintenance of your horses’ health is a readily available supply of clean, fresh water.

Equine Lighting

The right lighting in your horse barn fulfills a dual role – both decorative and functional. It’s important to have a well lit barn so that it is easier for workers to observe and care for the horses.