Ad lib sow feeding drives almost two pig per litter increase

A two-year trial by the University of Guelph showed a 1.7 pig per litter increase in subsequent litters for lactating sows using free choice feeders versus other lactating sow feeding methods.

The research was conducted by Dr. Paul Luimes of University of Guelph’s Ridgetown Campus and Greg Simpson of Hypor Inc. on a commercial farm. The trial report is available at:

Ad libitum lactating sow feeding helps improve feed intake, litter weaning weight and sow reproduction and is a growing trend in the hog industry.

The Luimes study used the iFeed ad lib sow feeder from Canarm AgSystems. The iFeed is part of the Canarm SowChoice Systems lineup of sow equipment. Canarm AgSystems did not fund the independent study. The Luimes study is the latest in a line of research which illustrates the value of ad lib sow feeding.

Canarm’s iFeed allows hog farmers to mix feed and water in one feed, with no clogging, to take advantage of the many benefits of free choice feeding of sows in farrowing crates. University of Michigan research showed that there are significant benefits to having feed and water in one feeder.

To read more information on the benefits of feed and water in the same sow feeder visit, Research the University of Michigan at:

“The iFeed is built to be a tough feeder,” says Curtiss Littlejohn, Swine Products Manager with Canarm AgSystems, the global distributor of the iFeed. “It works day after day getting sows the free choice feed we now know they need to thrive. In fact, we have tested the iFEED for the equivalent of 20 years at 30 lbs per day, with little to no wear on the assembly.”

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