Restaurant Ventilation

When it comes to running a restaurant, it's not enough to just make your dreams come true by saving up the money to invest in the restaurant itself; you have to run it right. The work you put into creating good food must be accompanied by concern and respect for your patrons’ health, comfort, and safety.

This is where a restaurant exhaust fan becomes an essential part of your restaurant's operations.

Restaurant ventilation is not just for the convenience of your customers—although that's important—it's also a part of the law. If you don’t have a restaurant exhaust fan providing proper ventilation, you're not in compliance with health and safety codes and potentially could be shut down!

On top of this, there are health, safety and building codes such as NFPA 96 that restaurants must comply with in order to operate. A complete system includes an exhaust hood and an exhaust fan that are working together with a fresh air supply fan.  Canarm HVAC offers a variety of series - BI-RM, HRE, and ALX exhaust fans - that meet UL762 health standards.  We also feature SIS or SIG series supply fans.

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