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Nano Control

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Quick Overview

Nano Control


The electronic architecture used for Nano stands out from the competition. It was designed to let you configure the product according to your needs. The configuration is remarkably flexible and easy to update enabling you to follow market trends, or technological breakthroughs.

• Optimization of the temperature and the ambient air quality through the combined management of the ventilation, air inlets and heating

• Temperature, min and max ventilation parameters can be programmed according to animal age

• Management of the air inlets, ventilation, heating, fogger, lighting, feed lines and feed bins.

• Management of dedicated equipment via timers

• Ventilation adjustments with outdoor temperature compensation and night adjustment

• Air inlet compensation according to static pressure

• Humidity compensated by heating and ventilation

• Option to program 8 lighting periods according to animal age

• Excellent decision support tools are provided through reports and histories produced

• True bypass switches let you easily take control of your outputs

• Clever clean wiring for easy access

• Full remote access and control from anywhere when an Internet connection is available and the PC compatible software is installed.

• Independent cards for easy maintenance

General Information

It will always be easy for you to update Nano according to your needs, market trends, or technological breakthroughs


Thanks to its modular design, Nano allows you to control a wide variety of equipment types:

• Fans

• Heating

• Air inlets

• Lighting

• Foggers/Misting

• Feed lines

• Auger

• Bird Scale

• Bin Scale

• Timers

• Water meters

• Temperature, humidity and static pressure sensors

The simplicity of Nano is unique. You can easily program each piece of equipment in your production building. You get clear information that is accessible via the Internet or on the touch screen, which is illustrated with meaningful icons.