Revolutionizing Calf Care

Canarm AgSystems revolutionized calf care and comfort by creating the first indoor calf suites, Comfy Calf Suites, back in 2002. The first of their kind to offer an alternative to outdoor hutches, the Comfy Calf Suites have been often imitated but never duplicated.

If done properly, indoor calf care can be easy for both calves and caretakers alike, resulting in better management of calf health and well-being. Providing the best possible starting point for calves ultimately will help increase the productivity of the mature cow.

During the early, critical days, separation from other livestock is essential. This division is important for new calves to help stop bacterial cross contamination. With Comfy Calf Suites, calves can be housed separately with paneling to help optimize individual health. There’s zero nose-to-nose contact with the extended front design. The plastic dividers do not allow for bacterial growth, which help keep your calves in good health.

Social creatures by nature, calves love to play. Studies have proven time and time again, that calves benefit from socialization by lowering their stress levels. Calf Suites make it easy to create instant group housing by simply pulling out the paneling separating the calves. While separated, calves can still interact through the front gate where they are able to see and socialize with each other and their caretakers.

When raising calves, cleanliness should always be a high priority. Bedding must remain clean and dry so the calf stays comfortable and healthy. Always remember to regularly check to see if the bedding is wet and if so, replace it right away. By sliding the dividing panel out, the suites are easy to wash and maintain. When switching a calf out, always remember to clean, wash and disinfect the suite.

Proper ventilation should also be a high priority in a calf barn. Calf housing needs to allow for a steady air movement without creating a draft. Drafts can easily chill the calf to the point where it becomes sick. To prevent this, try to keep your calf’s environment as consistent as possible. The most comfortable temperature for calves is between 50˚-85˚ F (10˚ - 29˚ C). Remember to control the humidity and provide fresh air through a proper air exchange.

Productive cows start with great calf care. With 36 different standard options including 2 different styles and 18 sizes, Calf Suites are completely customizable to suit the individual calf needs.

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