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SCD-LL - Steel Control Dampers Low Leakage

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SCD-LL - Steel Control Dampers Low Leakage


The SCD-LL series control dampers have been designed and tested to provide an extremely tight sealing damper which is cost effective for the majority of HVAC applications. They are generally recommended for face velocities up to 2000 fpm and static pressures to 2.5” w.g. (Note: for systems in excess of 2.5 w.g., contact the factory.)

The SCD series rigid frame and integrally braced corners provide true damper alignment that greatly resists being
installed out of square or out of flat. Available in either parallel or opposed blade models.
SCD dampers less than 48” wide x 12” high are furnished with a low profile flat top and bottom to maximize free
area. Dampers may be made to accommodate higher than the recommended 2.5” w.g. static pressure. Contact
factory if application involves pressures in excess of 2.5” w.g. or velocities greater than 1500 fpm. Factory installed
operators are available. Consult factory for details.

  • FRAME: roll-formed galvanized steel hat section with staked corners with integral bracing.
  • BLADE: 16-18 gauge triple-vee profile roll-formed galvanized steel. Minimum width: 4.25”.  Maximum width: 7.25”.  Opposed blades are standard (for parallel, please specify).
  • BEARINGS: bronze oilite. Press into frame.
  • SEALS: pressure sensitive PVC blade edge & flexible metal jamb seals.
  • LINKAGES: concealed in frame. Leakage bars are .125” thick plated steel.
  • FINISH: mill galvanized.
  • EXTENDED SHAFT: 0.5” diameter, plated steel.
  • SIZES:  Minimum size: 5” W x 4” H;  Maximum size: single section - 48” W x 72” H;  Multiple section - unlimited size.

Note: Non-standard shutters are non-returnable and cananot be cancelled.


The SCD-LL dampers have been tested to AMCA Standard 500-D with the following results: 
AT 1.0" w.g.AT 2.5" w.g.AT 4.0" w.g.