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Wet Dry Feeder

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  • Wet Dry Feeder

Quick Overview

Wet Dry Feeder


  • Innovative R Adjust System.
  • Feeder is 36” tall** which means greater hopper capacity.
  • Feeder Holes 15” Wide** to accommodate heavier finishing weights.
  • Available with 2, 3, 4 and 5 holes per side (30”, 45”, 60” and 75” wide feeders**).
  • Feeder has a low 4” front lip and wide feed spaces to provide optimal feed access and minimum waste. The wide feed space allows pigs to eat straight at the feeder rather than at an angle that can block feed spaces.
  • The overall larger size promotes efficiency.
  • Added headroom allows larger pigs to stand and eat more naturally.
  • 100%, #304 stainless steel with fully hemmed edges and reinforced corners.

** Custom sizes available on request.


The Wet/Dry Feeder offers the patent pending R Adjust™ with easy-to-read technology. R Adjust gives you
infinite power to control feed costs and maximize consumption across your entire production system.


  • Adjustment moves smoothly and easily to fine-tune feeder settings for maximum feed efficiency.
  • Easy-to-read numeric dial allows for consistent and precise settings from feeder to feeder.
  • No clicks or ratcheting.