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Vertical Spindle Dry Sow Stall

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  • Vertical Spindle Dry Sow Stall

Quick Overview

Vertical Spindle Dry Sow Stall


  • Solid vertical spindles, bottom bar and legs.
  • Heavy 7/8" solid rod frame.
  • Sloped front increases operator mobility.
  • Lower back part allowing easy access to animal.
  • Both gestation and breeding stalls are designed to swing left or right.
  • All hot-dip galvanized.
  • Easily assembled.
  • Available with or without drop tube.
  • Float valve system and stainless steel guard available.
  • Available with top pipe or top strap.

Ordering Guidelines


  1. Order stall package    
  • Specify width, 22” or 24”.
  • Specify 1/2” or 5/8” rod.
  • Specify galvanized or bare metal or painted.
  • Specify top pipe or strap.
  • Specify with our without drop tube.
  • Order 1 row end per row.
  1. Order floor straps for back of stall
  • Specify width of stall (22” or 24”).
  • When calculating, leave a stall width between every strap.
  • Order anchors or T-bolts, 3 per strap at back, 4 per strap at front.


  1. Stainless Steel Trough
  • Order 5 drive-in SS anchors (12351-100) for sow side.
  • Order bolt-on leg (2070611 - Box of 10), 5 per trough or 2 per trough if cementing in aisle side of trough.
  • Order 1 right end and 1 left end per row (you may order the ends alone or you may order a 10’ section of trough with an end already welded in.  If you order the sections with the ends, deduct 20’ off the total length needed).
  • Order valve and guard, for less than 100 stalls.
  1. Alley Gates (Front to Front Gates)  
  • Specify galvanized or bare metal.  
  • Specify alley width.