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Farrowing Crate

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  • Farrowing Crate

Quick Overview

Farrowing Crate


  • Positive action anti-crush bars help ease sow down to the floor to reduce crushing rates.
  • Bow bar can be easily adjusted to allow sow and piglets to nurse more comfortably and reduce pre-weaning mortality.
  • Choice of stainless steel or wet/dry feeder available.
  • Feeders are easy to clean, feature a quick release mechanism and are installed slightly off of the floor to allow maximum air circulation.
  • Drop back allows easy access to sow.
  • 90” crate available to accommodate increasing genetic capabilities.
  • Gate mount or three-position side mount rump guard.
  • Cardholder and clip included for efficient record keeping and best herd management.
  • Fast and easy installation as very few bolts are required.
  • Heavy-duty 1 5/16” pipe, hot dipped galvanized to provide excellent durability.
  • Complete farrowing floor packages available.


Sure foot is a unique indentation made in the v-bar which prevents the sow from slipping while getting up or lying down.

Sure Foot Technology

Ordering Guidelines


  1. Order crate.
  • Specify Standard or Euro crate.
  • The Standard crate opens both front and back, the Euro crate can be opened by the side, and can be mounted many different ways.
  • Choose feeder - stainless or wet/dry.
  • Choose type of back gate bumper, gate mounted or side mounted.
  1. Order creep panels .
  • Depending on whether crates are mounted on-centre or offset.  Choose creep packages to fit the length of the row.
  • May also be ordered as parts for large quantity jobs.
  • Order galvanized corner angles to protect outside corners of row.
  1. Order drinker packages.
  • choice of galvanized or stainless.
  • choose nipple drinkers for both sow and piglet.
  • order plumbing kits.
  • order water pipe for wet/dry feeder - PVC or SS.
  1. Order farrowing floors.


  1. Round plastic creep feeders.
  2. Heat plates - Farrowing  SEE FLOORING SECTION.
  • order plates (1 coupler included with each plate).
  • order 2 threaded fittings (2013325-4) per loop of 8 plates.
  • order 2 T-bolts per plate (2100120-120).
  • maximum of 8 heat plates per loop.
  1. Order Heat Lamps & Heat Lamp Holders.