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K-Kontrol Thermostat

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  • K-Kontrol Thermostat

Quick Overview

K-Kontrol Thermostat


Works great on XF and UF10-G fans!

  • Single KJ16110, portable single KP16110 and two KT16110 stage models.
  • Reliable Johnson thermostats, low cost.
  • Moisture proof box.
  • Stainless steel coil and portable hanger.
  • Convenient flip open cover, stainless steel coil and portable hanger.
  • Use anywhere portable model - simply plug control into outlet and then the device into the control.
  • Two stage model for two stages of heating and/or cooling or two speed fans.
  • Single and two stage models: 16 Amp rating at 120V; 8 Amp rating at 240V.
  • Portable model: 16 Amp rating at 120V.
  • Ideal for 120V fans & heaters.
  • 1 year warranty.