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iFEED Ad Lib Sow Feeder

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Quick Overview

 iFEED Ad Lib Sow Feeder


  • iFEED is a LEGITIMATE effective ad lib feeder.
  • iFEED naturally encourages environmental enrichment by supporting rooting behavior.
  • Low capital cost and rapid ROI
  • Made from durable 100% polypropylene with smooth edges and food grade materials to protect your pigs.
  • iFEED feed capacity: 15 pounds
  • Optional iFEED extension available.
  • Capacity: 15 pounds


      • Helps increase feed intake,resulting in better milk production.
      • Reduces stress on sows.
      • Reduces wasted feed to save you money.
      • Higher wean rates.
      • Improves conception.
      • Timer allows you to feed sows at a time convenient for you.

iFeed Pyramid of Value


NEU MANNagement Pork, Inc. provides experienced, honest and straightforward management of sow confinement, and finishing operations, with an eye toward improving efficiency and the clients' bottom line.  Our customers have experimented with all the major brands of Ad Lib Nursing sow feeders and the iFEED is the clear front-runner.

iFEED patented design is virtually clog free and has been flow tested to feed 15KGS per day for over 20 years without part replacement.

“……beats the other ad lib feeders HANDS DOWN, increasing sow intake, weaning weights and BCS at weaning….”

Kevin Neumann, Owner