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Farrow Flex Crate

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Quick Overview

Farrow Flex Crate


Our farrowing crate options combine maximum versatility for the producer with increased comfort and productivity.

Standards are changing rapidly and we are adapting our crate design to meet the needs of producers of sow and piglets. We’ve made crates easy to order and suitable for many different layouts.

All Farrow Flex crates come with:

  • Finger or Bow Bar option
  • Galvanized Frames
  • SS Feet
  • Adjustable side panels (90” to 96”)
  • Anti-crush bars

And can be configured into many combinations to suit your needs:

  • Conventional (Front and Back aisle)
  • Euro-style (sow can enter and leave the back of the stall)
    • Head to Head
    • Head to Wall
    • Turn Around