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U Series Portable Utility Fans Heavy Duty

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U Series Portable Utility Fans Heavy Duty


U series utility fans - formerly known as FANTRAXX smoke ejectors - are ideal for many utility applications and have been designed to meet fire service needs.
The units are available in various configurations and sizes to satisfy almost any application. These fans produce high volumes of air in compact and efficient designs. Sizes range from 12” up to 24” blade diameters. Available with totally enclosed or explosion proof motors ranging in size from 1/3HP to 1/2HP.  Entire fan assemblies are certified as shown.

All U series utility fans are finished in a tough powder coat finish with cadmium plated safety guards. All motors are ball bearing and require no maintenance.  Voltages other than those listed (including 50HZ) are available.  Consult factory. All units are equipped with 6 feet of cord with a plug (explosion proof units are minus plug). Available accessories include hanger bars and hooks, collar adaptors, flexible hoses, hose connectors and misting adaptor kits.

  • Available in 16” to 24” sizes.
  • Totally enclosed ball bearing motor and explosion proof models available.
  • Powder coated housing.
  • Fans come complete with 6 foot cord and plug (explosion proof motors come without a plug).
  • Also available in standard duty.


  • Hanger Bars/Hooks.
  • Flexible Hose.
  • Hose Connectors.
  • Collar Adaptors.
  • Utility Guards.


BLADE DIAMETER16"U16-1HDTotally enclosed 1/21725115/2308.837406419 1/8" H X 19 1/8" W X 17" L
U16-4HDExplosion proof 1/21725115/2308.0374083
18"U18-1HDTotally enclosed 3/41725115/2301151707821 3/8" H X 21 3/8" W X 17" L
U18-4HDExplosion proof 3/41725115/23010.8517096
20"U20-1HDTotally enclosed11725115/23013.468509824 3/8" H X 24 5/14" W X 17" L
U20-4HDExplosion proof11725115/23013.46850118
24"U24-1HDTotally enclosed1 1/21725115/23015.2928011226 1/8" H X 26 1/8" W X 17" L
U24-4HDExplosion proof1 1/21725115/230199280134
All Explosion Proof Fans have a single speed, dual voltage explosion proof motor that meets and conforms to all the standards that are listed below.
CLASS I, GROUP D Atmospheres such as acetone, ammonia, benzene, butane, cyclopropane, ethanol, gasoline, hexane, methane, natural gas, naphtha, propane, or gasses or vapors of equivalent hazard.
CLASS II GROUP F Atmospheres containing carbonaceous dust, including carbon black, charcoal, coal, or coke dusts that have more than 8% total entrapped volatiles, or dusts that have been sensitized by other materials so that they present an explosion hazard.
CLASS II GROUP G Atmospheres containing combustible dusts not included in group E or F, including flour, grain, wood, plastic and chemicals.