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Euro Crates

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Quick Overview

Euro Crates


Versatile and comfortable.
The Euro Crate combines maximum versatility for the producer with increased comfort and productivity of the sow and piglets. Traditional freestanding, front mount, an angle crate or a custom length, Canarm Euro Crate is highly productive and cost effective. Our unique side load option saves up to 9 sq ft per sow.

  • Canarm has designed the Euro Crate to create maximum versatility for the producer and to increase the comfort and productivity of the sow and piglets.
  • The Euro Crate has many options including freestanding, rear or front mounting of the crate, different crate lengths and angling of the crate for maximum utilization of space.
  • A further space saving feature is the Euro Crates’ unique side-loading design, which allows for the elimination of one alleyway.

Ordering Guidelines


  1. Order crate.
  2. Order creep panels.
  3. Order drinker packages.
  4. Order farrowing floors.
  • Specify Standard or Euro crate.
  • The Standard crate opens both front and back, the Euro crate can be opened by the side, and can be mounted many different ways.
  • Choose feeder - stainless or wet/dry.
  • Choose type of back gate bumper, gate mounted or side mounted.
  • Depending on whether crates are mounted on-centre or offset.  Choose creep packages to fit the length of the row.
  • May also be ordered as parts for large quantity jobs.
  • Order galvanized corner angles to protect outside corners of row.
  • Choice of galvanized or stainless.
  • Choose nipple drinkers for both sow and piglet.
  • Order plumbing kits.
  • Order water pipe for wet/dry feeder - PVC or SS.


  1. Round plastic creep feeders.
  2. Heat plates - Farrowing SEE FLOORING SECTION.
  • Order plates (1 coupler included with each plate).
  • Order 2 threaded fittings (2013325-4) per loop of 8 plates.
  • Order 2 T-bolts per plate (2100120-120).
  • Maximum of 8 heat plates per loop.
  1. Order Heat Lamps & Heat Lamp Holders.