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Spindle Penning Systems

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  • Spindle Penning Systems

Quick Overview

Spindle Penning Systems


  • Panels available in all sizes suitable for loose housing, finishing, nursery, etc.
  • Flexible system can be easily combined with plastic panelling.
  • Shows animals well and allows for excellent ventilation.
  • Durable, galvanized, animal friendly design.
  • Variety of accessories available.
  • Available in vertical or horizontal and in various lengths.

Ordering Guidelines

Spindle Panels - Quick Latch System OR Spindle Panels - Pin In System (41" Series Panels)

Spindle Panels - Quick Latch System

  1. Order panels
    • Order panel length required
  1. Order quick latch packages
  • one for each fixed panel end where swinging panels meet
  • galvanized latches must be used for the 41” series of panels
  1. Order flipper latches
  • one for each swinging panel at a wall
  • order anchor bolts for flipper latches – 4 per latch
  1. Order swing hook packages
  • one package of 4 hooks for each swinging panel
  • N.B. There are 5 packages of 4 in the spindle package of swing hooks. The hooks for plastic panels come as a single package of 4.
  1. Order leg packages
  • as required at ends of panels and joints of fixed panels
  1. Order panel spacers
  • one required at each fixed panel joint
  1. Order anchors
  • anchor bolts or T-bolts for legs
  • as required for fixed panels and wall brackets on walls


  1. Galvanized Channel post + plate & gussets (2013310) – can be used at panel joints when extra strength is required
  2. Fixed bracket (3-way/4-way) - two for each fixed panel intersection (bracket is approximately 6” wide o.d.)
  3. Pin-in packages for feeders

Spindle Panels - Pin In System (41" Series Panels)

  1. Order panels
  • “-41” series (finisher/breeder 35” rod length, 4” o.c., 41.25” overall – from floor to top of top pipe)
  • deduct 6” o.c. for swing panel with hinge straps etc.
  1. Order posts and wall hinge strap
  • one double swing channel post, where a stationary (or swing) panel meets 2 swinging panels
  • order wall straps at each wall
  1. Order panel hinge straps and pins
  • one for each swinging panel at a wall
  • order anchor bolts for straps – 2 per strap
  • order 2 hinge straps and 2 pins per gate


  1. Pin-in packages for feeders