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Poultry Circulating Fans

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  • PCF-EC

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Poultry Circulating Fans


The 24” PCF-EC series fan is the most energy efficient fan on the market for low speed air movement. They are made with a durable, corrosion proof PVC ventilation pipe and utilizes the Canarm EC Smart motor. They are designed to promote uniform temperature throughout your poultry barn which will improve production levels, reduce temperature stress, eliminate condensation and improve the barns air quality and comfort levels. This is essential to providing the ideal environment for your birds to excel and thrive all the while saving you money off your energy bill.


  • Variable speed EC motor on a 0-10v signal
  • 24” PVC ventilation pipe will not rust, chip or peel
  • Quiet 6 blade polypropylene corrosion proof airfoil
  • Power savings of up to 75%

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