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MTC-4C Phason Variable Speed Control

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  • MTC-4C Series

Quick Overview

MTC-4C Phason Variable Speed Control


  • The control will automatically vary the speed of the fan to hold the set temperature.
  • One variable stage (10 A general-purpose (resistive) load at 120/230VAC, 7 FLA at 120/230VAC, PSC motor).
  • Two control knobs, one for set temperature, one for adjusting the minimum speed.
  • Continues to run at minimum speed or change the internal shunt to have the fan turn off at minimum speed setting.
  • 2°F off set-back for auto shut off.
  • 6°F temperature differential.
  • One foot temperature probe.
  • 115 or 230V AC operation.
  • Adjustable 40 - 90˚F temperature set point.
  • Overload protection fuse (15A, 250V AC).