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Canarm | Agricultural Products

"Everything we do begins and ends with the customer."

Canarm is closing in on 80 years in business. I have been here for 36 of those years and I must say I am very proud of the company that we have built and the 300 people that share their knowledge and professionalism with us every day.

What’s New?

We have several exciting introductions and product expansion.
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Thank you for partnering with us and sharing your knowledge and expertise, as we strive for excellence at Canarm.

James A. Cooper
President - Canarm Ltd.



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LED Ag Lighting and Bulbs Ag Image and Video Galleries Canarm Equine Products Comfy Calf Suites

Comfy Calf Suites
The Trusted Solution for Raising Calves Indoors.
Used in over 2,500 dairies worldwide. An innovative alternative to calf hutches promoting ultimate calf health & comfort.

Equine Products
Circulating fans, ventilation, controls, waterers, mats, lighting, stalls and exercisers. Equine products with Quality Built into every Piece.

Image/Video Galleries
See our products in the field and at work in our image and video galleries.

Ag Lighting & Bulbs
Canarm - A trusted name in lighting - now offers a number of LED fixtures and bulbs that are designed for use in the harsher environments of most agricultural settings.

LED Ag Lighting and Bulbs