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New livestock building fan motor cuts energy consumption by half

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March 30, 2016

Arthur, ON - Canarm AgSystems and Intelia are combining their expertise in ventilation and intelligent controls to create the agriculture industry’s first EC motor for livestock building ventilation systems.

The patent-pending ECsmart™ motor is an electronically commutated (EC) direct current (DC) motor which is more controllable and energy efficient than common alternating current (AC) motors. That means 25 to 70 per cent energy savings, through more efficient operation and more precise variation of the motor.

EC motors have become commonly used in heating and appliances, but Canarm and Intelia will lead the agriculture market in North America with the first EC motors in agricultural applications.

“We know farmers are challenged by rising electricity costs,” says Doug Matthews, Vice President - Agricultural & HVAC Products, Canarm AgSystems. “Our ECsmart motor is a significant energy saver that will improve livestock building efficiency.”

The electronics in the motor are the key to the system. It allows the patent-pending ECsmart motor to be connected to any TRIAC supply signal. That means that the ECsmart motor can be retrofitted on any control system which works with AC motors, including Intelia’s controllers.

“We are constantly innovating in agriculture, in order to bring better solutions to farmers,” says Dominic Desy, Intelia Chief Executive Officer. “We are excited by the potential value the ECsmart motor can bring to them.”

Another big benefit of the ECsmart motors is that they will last longer than conventional motors because they run cooler.

Energy savings, plus longer life mean the payback for the motors will be quick on Canadian farms.

The ECsmart motor will be available through Canarm AgSystems and its dealers across Canada, as part of the new Canarm VentChoice lineup of ventilation products.

Canarm AgSystem’s ventilation products with Intelia’s three levels of controllers can provide a solution for every barn from simple to very sophisticated, with the service you have come to know from both.

Watch for more smart barn management innovations coming from Canarm and Intelia. For more information see

Canarm AgSystems has been a trusted supplier to hog, dairy and poultry farmers for 80 years, providing animal-housing solutions from the simplest penning to the most technologically advanced systems. The company is a business unit of Canarm Ltd.

Since 1999, Intelia has designed, developed and manufactured advanced electronic products to support smart farm management. The company enables farmers around the world to protect, control and optimize their poultry, swine and dairy production through intelligent controllers, powerful algorithms and added-value services.


ECsmart motor

The ECsmart motor from Canarm AgSystems and Intelia sets a new standard for barn fan motor ventilation.

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