SIG Side Intake Filtered Fresh Air Supply Units

  • Flexible forward curved belt drive blowers operate at low speed and low noise levels.
  • Galvanized steel housing.
  • Heavy duty ball bearings suitable for -65º to +250º F.
  • Weather proof cabinet designed for outdoor roof mounting.
  • Filters designed with large surface area for efficient filtration.
  • Washable aluminum mesh filter are located in the intake hood and are accessible through the hood end cap for ease of service.
  • Easy on-site addition of customer supplied air supply duct extension between the intake hood and unit provides additional separation where necessary.

Available with motor and drives installed.

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SIG series fresh air supply units are ideal for commercial applications such as schools, apartments and office buildings. They also provide an economical and practical solution to meet NFPA 96 separation requirements between supply & exhaust air streams in commercial kitchen applications.
SIG performance specifications
SIG typical installation
SIG dimensions

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