9200-VIB Forward Curved Inline Duct Blowers

  • Comes with internal spring vibration isolation.
  • Wheel Diameters: 7” through 20”
  • CFM: Approximately 500 to 12,500 CFM in a single blower (Twins available).
  • Static Pressure: Usage to about 3” static pressure is common, although allowable range is higher.
  • Constructed from cold rolled steel, with green baked on powder coat. The outdoor unit uses protective galvaneal steel under the powder coat.
  • Forward Curved blowers operate at low RPM for low noise levels.
  • Heavy duty ball bearings suitable for -65º F to +250º F.
  • Keywayed shafts both ends for clockwise or counter clockwise rotation.
  • Saddle type motor mounting platform provides extended belt tension adjustment range on all models.
  • As part of an HVAC system Delhi Duct Blowers will not “surge”, “hunt”, or “stall”.
  • The variable pitch motor pulley permits field adjustment (typically + or - 15%) to match air delivery needs.
  • For the quietest operational needs we offer optional internal spring isolation of the blower/motor from the housing thus greatly reducing radiated cabinet noise.
  • Twin units (two duct blowers on a common shaft) offer a wide but not tall solution for situations where vertical space is limited.
  • Quiet forward curved blowers operate at ½ the rpm of other inline solutions.

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  • An Inline make-up air solution for cases where a rooftop curb mounted solution is not available.
  • As an air moving module for systems built up with other components such as heating/cooling coils.
  • Noise sensitive areas - the low rpm forward curved wheel typically radiates less vibration than higher rpm backward inclined wheel solutions.
  • When the application requires an air mover in a duct system located in a ceiling space.
  • Redistribution or recirculation of air in a work space.
  • Interlocked with entry doors to prevent entry of cold outdoor air into retail sales space and thus greets customers with warmth.
  • Bathroom/ rest room exhaust - one duct blower serving multiple intakes.
  • Industries Served: Commercial HVAC, Ventilation, Heating, Cooling, Construction


9200-VIB specifications

CFM values listed right are summarized for convenience. For full performance data refer to our Delair program.
Power rating (BHP) does not include transmission losses.  Performance certified is for installation type B: Free inlet, Ducted outlet. Performance ratings do not include the effect of appurtenances (accessories).

9200-VIB series dimensions

9200-VIB series filters and hoods

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