Roof Exhausters - Belt Drive - RTA-SH Series

  • TEFC, ball bearing motor is out of air stream and is accessible from the roof
  • Galvanized steel wind-band and rain-proof butterfly dampers.
  • Heavy duty pulleys and belts out of air stream

High Heat Features

  • Heavy gauge steel prop
  • High heat cast iron pillow block bearings (out of air stream), complete with external grease fittings
  • 500° F for 4 hours and 1000° F for 15 minutes
  • Arms rated for snow load of 10 lbs/ft2

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RTA-SH model suitable for normal use in clean, dry air with a maximum ambient temperature of 93º C (200º F). RTA-SH is designed to exhaust smoke in the event of a fire. It is in compliance with smoke control systems requirements of 500ºF for 4 hours and 1000ºF for 15 minutes. Two spring loaded arms are released when temperatures reach above 165ºF to force open the dampers.

RTA-SH specifications table
RTA-SH dimensions table

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