IDB Series Forward Curved Inline Duct Blowers

  • Wheel Diameters: 7” through 15”
  • CFM: Approximately 500 to 5700 CFM in a single blower.
  • Constructed from galvanized steel for durability.
  • Forward Curved blowers operate at low RPM for low noise levels.
  • Heavy duty ball bearings suitable for -65º F to +250º F.
  • Keywayed shafts both ends for clockwise or counter clockwise rotation.
  • Saddle type motor mounting platform provides extended belt tension adjustment range on all models.
  • Delhi blowers will not “surge”, “hunt” or “stall”.
  • The variable pitch motor pulley permits field adjustment (typically + or - 15%) to match air delivery needs.
  • Quiet forward curved blowers operate at ½ the rpm of other inline solutions.
  • Note: For insulated or heavy duty applications, please reference our 200 and 9200 series.

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  • An Inline make-up air solution for cases where a rooftop curb mounted solution is not available.
  • As an air moving module for systems built up with other components such as heating/cooling coils.
  • Noise sensitive areas - the low rpm forward curved wheel typically radiates less vibration than higher rpm backward inclined wheel solutions.
  • When the application requires an air mover in a duct system located in a ceiling space.
  • Redistribution or recirculation of air in a work space.
  • Interlocked with entry doors to prevent entry of cold outdoor air into retail sales space and thus greets customers with warmth.
  • Bathroom/ rest room exhaust - one duct blower serving multiple intakes.
  • For use as part of an HVAC system - Indoor applications, non-insulated (insulated available on request) 
  • Industries served:  Commercial HVAC, Ventilation, Heating, Cooling, Construction

IDB specifications table


IDB dimensions table

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