CTS-M5160 Carbon Monoxide Detector

CTS-M5160 is a microprocessor based transmitter that detects carbon monoxide and activates relays when the set concentration is met. The CTS-M5160 can be set for rising or falling carbon monoxide levels.
  • Attaches to a standard 2” x 4” electrical box
  • Programmable delay (0 - 60 minutes in 5 minute increments)
  • Input Power: 24V
  • Sensor Type: Electromechanical
  • Sensor Life: 2 - 3 years
  • Relay: Two, SPDT, 1 amp dry contact

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Electrochemical gas sensors are micro-fuel cells designed to be maintenance free and stable for long periods. Gas continuously enters the self-contained
cell through a flow limiting diffusion barrier. The target gas reacts within the electrolyte creating a microamp current flow between the electrodes.
No fluid replenishment is required as these cells are not self-consuming. The cell electrodes degrade with time resulting in a typical working life of 2 to 3
The CTS-M5 transmitter is powered by a nominal 24 V external power supply in a two-wire connection. It transmits a 4-20 mA, 2-10 V, or an RS-485 signal
over the calibrated range of the sensor selected. The transmitter is factory configured and calibrated for the sensor selected when ordered as a complete
assembly. This universal transmitter accepts any of the listed sensors into a plug-in socket on the board. Calibration is achieved through a simple zero and
span adjustment using the appropriate calibration gas concentration for the sensor installed.