Tri-Lite HVLS Fans

  • This cost-effective alternative to traditional high volume low speed fans provides:
    • 523 CFM/Watt per 24' fan
    • 392 CFM/Watt per 16' fan
  • Impressive efficiency is possible by this 3-bladed design that minimizes weight while providing continuous air movement throughout the area of influence.
  • Low Power Consumption = Inexpensive Operation
  • Quiet Performance
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Less Weight
  • Motor can be reversed for updraft or downdraft applications
  • Suitable for industrial settings and agricultural applications


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Operating on a 0.75 kW (1 HP) gear motor, minimal power consumption is combined with impressive air volumes to create the highly efficient Tri-Lite HVLS Fan.

Tri-Lite HVLS fans blanket a very large area by constantly moving air to create an expansive comfort zone. As a result, the big ceiling fan can create an evaporative cooling effect of three to four degrees throughout the facility. During the heating season, the Tri-Lite HVLS fan technology can destratify uneven temperatures that can be in excess of fifteen degrees from ceiling to floor. This results in significant energy savings since the heating system cycles less frequently.

Tubercle Technology™ blades outperform all conventional airfoils.
They accomplish this by:
  • Offering stall angles as high as 22°.
  • Eliminating span-wise pumping; the primary cause of efficiency loss in all rotating systems.
  • Eliminating tip stalling; the primary cause of blade noise and damaging vibration.
  • Lowering noise by offering Tubercle Technology’s™ hyper-stability which also lowers vibrations which cause wear and tear on the blades and drive train.