CP Series Industrial Ceiling Fans

  • “CP” series Industrial Ceiling Fans are available with 36”, 48” and 56” blade sweeps.
  • All “CP” series fans have variable speed motors (all motors are thermally protected PSC type variable speed with permanently lubricated bearings). When used in conjunction with our “MC” series speed controls the speed range is infinite.
  • Painted steel blades with curved ends deliver maximum airflow over wide areas.
  • All models except the CP56 c/w cord & plug are reversible (CP56 c/w cord & plug is downdraft only).
  • Reversible motor provides both winter heat destratification and summer time cooling.

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Ideally suited for circulating air in Industrial and Commercial Applications.
Canarm’s “CP” Fans help save energy year round.

In winter, ceiling fans are used to destratify hot air otherwise trapped at ceiling level (Hot air is moved back to floor level where it keeps employees warm and comfortable). This can result in savings of up to 30% on heating costs.

In summer, Ceiling Fans run at higher speeds creating an evaporative cooling effect, keeping employees cool, and productivity higher.

Commercial ceiling fan specifications table.


Ceiling fan choice and layout is based on ceiling height and the floor area of the building.  As the height of the ceiling increases, larger and more powerful fans are required to achieve destratification.

The floor air coverage of a fan will be greater the higher the ceiling of the building. This is because of the natural cone shape of the air pattern produced by the fan.  (See Figure 1)
(HPWP models have increased floor area coverage because of more powerful motors.)

Canarm provides two types of fans:

  • The traditional ceiling fan, low cost, good performance, great for dry locations.
  • The HPWP high performance, water resistant models - great for more demanding applications with high moisture or greater air velocity requirements.

Use the following chart to choose the correct fan size/type and quantity to suit your requirements.  (See Figure 2)












What size & how many fans would be required for a building that is 100 feet wide x 200 feet long & has as ceiling height of 16 feet?

  • By using the chart above, we see that a ceiling height of 16 feet requires a CP56 (56” fan).
  • Floor Area of the building = 100 feet wide x 200 feet long = 20,000 square feet.
  • From the chart, we know that the Fan Floor Area Coverage of the CP56 model is 1100 square feet at a 16 foot ceiling height.
  • Therefore, the number of fans required = Floor Area of building / Fan Floor Area Coverage:   20,000 square feet / 1100 square feet = 18 fans.

A typical layout for this building is illustrated below.

An additional fan should be used about 10 feet in front of each shipping door to act as an air curtain & reduce heating bills in the winter.

Fan guard table

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