MVVM Plastic Hood

  • The outer hood is designed to prevent the access of water and large objects into the ventilation equipment from outside.
  • Pre-installed with a hood, the air duct is mounted in a core hole drilled in the wall. The installation is done from the inside.
  • Special design allows installation on high-rise buildings and enables airtight sealing of the air duct in the core hole.
MVVM Dimensions
  • Made of high-quality incombustible and ultraviolet resistant plastic.
  • The air ducts are made of high-quality PVC plastic.
  • The ventilation hood [1] is equipped with a silicone sealing ring [2] that firmly seals the air duct [3] in the core hole in the wall.

  • Drill a core hole with a diameter of 7” (180 mm) in the wall.
  • Insert the hood into the wall core hole and push it through until the sealing ring appears on the outer side.
  • Pull the hood in the opposite direction so the silicone sealing ring provides a tight seal between the hood and the wall.
  • The air duct must be fixed in the wall core hole using mounting foam.