ECsmart Motor

The FIRST and ONLY motor of its kind in the Agricultural Industry!

  • The First EC motor that can be varied with existing triac outputs or 0-10v signal
  • Provides feedback for ventilation management
  • Can be retrofitted in any existing fan
  • Can be controlled by existing controls.
  • Testing has confirmed power savings of 25-75%
  • ECsmart motors run cooler, virtually eliminating winding failures and increasing lifespan on the motor
  • Tested at BESS labs in our PLF and FG series fans
  • Comes with a FULL 5 YEAR warranty




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Our ECsmart Motor is an EC motor. EC motors are electric motors that have permanent magnets on the rotor and use electronics to control the voltage and current applied to the motor.  

Canarm and Intelia – our Electronic control partner - have worked together to bring you our latest innovation - the ECsmart motor featuring patent pending electronics. The result is an ENERGY EFFICIENT motor that runs COOLER than any other in the industry.