FGI Fiberglass Fans

  • The patented design provides excellent performance without a cone.
  • All fans are supplied completely assembled and are tested before shipping.
  • Chop & Spray design with smooth inside for improved cleaning.
  • Self draining, sloped housing is quick and easy to clean reducing maintenance costs.
  • T-Mount belt drive system provides quick, easy access to motor & blade.
  • Belt drive units are supplied complete with belt tensioner and easily accessible, high quality rubber belt.
  • All fans have smooth operating, easy to clean, tie-bar poly shutters with stainless steel frame.
  • 36” and 50” belt drive fans.
  • 18”, 24” and 36” direct drive fans.

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  • Special order black housings available.
  • 3 phase motor 208-230/460 volt option available on some units.


  • Performance enhancing cone on 24” and larger fans
  • FRP board winter inserts with unique double seal
  • 240V cord kit accessory available



Canarm guarantees the performance of our fans. All fans with test numbers will perform as indicated when properly maintained (reports are available upon request). Our fans are tested by BESS Labs or in our AMCA fig 15 test chamber. The test chamber was designed and built to exacting AMCA/ASHRE standards for Canarm. A regimented calibration and verification schedule is followed.  Be assured, Canarm fans provide the performance you require and expect.

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