Solo Dimmable Lighting Control

FLICKER FREE!  Successfully tested on dozens of  different brands of bulbs/lighting.
The Solo FLICKER FREE control has yet to come across a brand it can’t dim from 0 to 100%!

  • Gradual increase and decrease in light intensity to simulate sunrise and sunset
  • Minimum and maximum intensities can be specified as a percentage of full lamp intensity
  • Real-time clock with backup battery to keep time in case of power failure
  • Electronic bypass switches
  • Displays current light intensity (in all models)
  • Displays current time, day and period (master only)
  • Controller will smooth sudden transitions in light intensity
  • Temporary manual override feature reverts back to auto after a set time as a safety
  • Lamp output activated by a customizable threshold value

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  • FLICKER FREE lighting.
    • Calmer, healthier birds
    • Flicker free even for your chickens
    • Truly smooth dusk to dawn transition
  • Precision control
    • Designed to allow you to control and adjust the light duration and intensity from 0 to 100%
    • Extreme low light dimming. Encourages hens to return to the nest in cage free and enriched cage environments
  • Programmable
    • Program up to 20 light periods AND up to 20 light peaks per period
  • User friendly interface and menus
  • Superior stability
  • Master can be used as a slave to allow for outputs to be configured independantly
  • Energy Efficiency of 99.5%