Heat Plate/Hot Water Heating Pads

  • Energy efficient hot water heating pads fasten to the floor at each corner.
  • High conductivity for efficiency.
  • Easily adaptable to any flooring system.
  • Available in sizes to fit farrowing & weaner rooms.

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  1. Lay heat plates on floor with hose holders facing up.
  2. Run a continuous length of hose through all heat plates being installed.
  3. Slide a hose holder over hepex hose and under tabs.
  4. Turn all heat plates right side up.

  1. Heat Plates - Weaner
  • Order plates
  • Order hose, 15’ per plate + extra for plumbing
  • Order 2 threaded fittings (2013325-4) per loop of 8 plates
  • Order 2 T-bolts per plate (2100120-20)


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