Euro Crates

  • Canarm has designed the Euro Crate to create maximum versatility for the producer and to increase the comfort and productivity of the sow and piglets.
  • The Euro Crate has many options including freestanding, rear or front mounting of the crate, different crate lengths and angling of the crate for maximum utilization of space.
  • A further space saving feature is the Euro Crates’ unique side-loading design which allows for the elimination of one alley way.

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  1. Order crate
  • Specify Standard or Euro crate
  • The Standard crate opens both front and back, the Euro crate can be opened by the side, and can be mounted many different ways.
  • Choose feeder - stainless or wet/dry
  • Choose type of back gate bumper, gate mounted or side mounted
  1. Order creep panels 
  • Depending on whether crates are mounted on-centre or offset.  Choose creep packages to fit the length of the row.
  • May also be ordered as parts for large quantity jobs.
  • Order galvanized corner angles to protect outside corners of row.
  1. Order drinker packages
  • choice of galvanized or stainless
  • choose nipple drinkers for both sow and piglet
  • order plumbing kits
  • order water pipe for wet/dry feeder - PVC or SS
  1. Order farrowing floors


  1. Round plastic creep feeders
  2. Heat plates - Farrowing  SEE FLOORING SECTION
  • order plates (1 coupler included with each plate)
  • order 2 threaded fittings (2013325-4) per loop of 8 plates
  • order 2 T-bolts per plate (2100120-120)
  • maximum of 8 heat plates per loop
  1. Order Heat Lamps & Heat Lamp Holders


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