Plastic Penning Systems

  • No glue needed and will not come apart - no external support required..
  • Made of extruded, rigid PVC.
  • Durable - will not rust or rot.
  • Sanitary - will not harbor bacteria.
  • Smooth edges makes for a very animal friendly design.
  • Easy to install and easily cut to any required size.
  • Use for pen partitions, walls and doors.
  • Very versatile. Suitable for new construction or existing structure renovations.
  • Makes a room very bright and clean.
  • Plank is 2” x 10”. Available in 18’, 20’ and 24’ lengths.

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Revolutionary Locking System

A simple top cap finishes off the top of your panels and prevents dirt accumulation.
Specially designed bottom plugs prevent dirt build-up on the bottom of your planking.

  1. Order panels - can be ordered as kits, specify height & stationary or swing
  • 31” weaner height
  • 41” finisher height OR
  • can be ordered as parts
  • bundles of plastic plank, 3 planks per 31” panel, 4 planks per 41” panel


  1. Order channels
  • wall channels at walls
  • swing channels for swing panels (2 per panel)
  • channels + plate, use these at ends of panels where swing panels meet
  • feeder channels, to be used at feeder (31” panels only)
  1. Order quick latch packages
  • one for each fixed panel end where swinging panels meet
  • galvanized latches to be used for the 41” series of panels
  1. Order flipper latches
  • one for each swinging panel at a wall
  1. Order swing hook packages
  • one package for each swinging panel, use the PVC swing hook package.
  1. Order leg packages
  • as required at ends of panels
  1. Order stiffener posts
  • required where stationary panel in longer than 10’ (31” series), 8’ (41” series)
  1. Order anchors
  • anchor bolts or T-bolts for legs
  • as required for fixed panels at walls
  • as required for flipper latches (2 per latch)
  1. Order bolts & nuts
  • 1/4” X 2 1/2” – 3 per channel for 31” series panels
  • 1/4” X 2 1/2” – 4 per channel for 41” series panels


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