CA-AG Basket Type Circulating Fans

  • Variable speed, totally enclosed, sealed ball bearing, thermally protected, high efficiency, dual voltage, 115/230V.
  • High volume, corrosion resistant blades.
  • Polyester powder coated, steel wire guard to OSHA specifications.
  • Galvanized Steel adjustable three way mount.  Mount to wall, ceiling or overhead joist. Fan can pivot down and swivel left and right for pin-point control of air stream.
  • Fan head comes pre-assembled to guarantee fan blade is in proper location on motor shaft for maximum performance and safety within the guard.
  • Can operate with Canarm’s manual or automatic thermostatic controls (sold separately).
  • The fans should move air from the inlets towards the exhaust fans and into all areas to remove dead air  pockets. The airstream should be directed across the back of the head and shoulders of the animals.
  • Suitable for buildings with low ceilings.

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Model Number Size H.P. RPM/Speed CFM Voltage Amps Weight (lbs.)
CA20AG-FVD 20" 1/3 1625/Variable Speed 6,500 115/230V 4.2/2.1 37
CA24AG-GV11 24" 1/2 1100/Variable Speed 8,500 115/230V 6.4/3.2 44
CA30AG-GV11 30" 1/2 1100/Variable Speed 11,000 115/230V 6.4/3.2 50